Living Room

As the season changes and the daylight hours shorten, families are likely to spend more and more time at home, and most of that time will be spent in the living room.  Brightening up the living room can help to counter the waning light and restore a sense of energy.  It can create a space that is not only the perfect retreat but also a fun place for family members to interact, and it will also be a welcoming place for guests.

Walls and ceilings

Walls and ceilings are sometimes taken for granted, often being left quite plain while expressive looks are created within them.  Bring the walls and ceiling to life by having a colored ceiling and a feature wall; they will really bring a living room to life.  Rich reds and coppery tones are in fashion this fall, and there is also the option of choosing the smoky pinks, purples and blues to be seen at twilight.

An alternative to plain colors is wallpaper with a fashionable natural pattern, such as a floral design, or with the bold stripes that are also in this season.  Again, this can look better on just one or two walls than across the whole room.  It might be applied up to dado height with a plain color above.  If there’s an odd bit of wall with nothing adjoining it, a stenciled pattern can turn it into an attractive feature.

Drapes and floors

Striking drapes can change the whole look of a room in one go, and this season there are really just two ways to go—rick berry colors or big, bold floral prints.  Floor length drapes are the best choice, for maximum impact.  Floors themselves can be brightened up with dramatic rugs, with striking patterns like black on white spirals being this year’s thing.  Placing two rugs with very different patterns—one monochrome and one colored—in the same room can have a dramatic impact.  Bright check patterns are also popular just now and can be a great way to introduce color.

Fabulous furniture

Bright rooms need bold furniture and leather sofas and chairs can add a real touch of elegance.  A really striking sofa or unusual accent chair can add a lot of character, while carefully chosen ottomans and footstools complete the look.  For people who can’t afford to replace their sofas, colorful throws can give them a whole new look.

When choosing furniture, it helps to think outside the box.  A grandfather clock or an antique chest can provide quite a talking point.  A patterned glass coffee table or a trimmed tree stump serving as an occasional table can make quite a statement.


The modern living room is nothing without accessories.  Walls need mirrors to bounce the light around.  Chairs and sofas need colorful cushions that change with the seasons—choose copper, red, plum or gold for fall.  Quirky printed cushions can add personality.  Shelves full of interesting curiosities help give a room character and cube shelves are really in at the moment; filling white cubes with a mixture of primary colored objects can look spectacular, especially if glass is used to catch the light.  Finally, adding interesting lamps to a room can dramatically change its overall look—try colored glass jars with tea lights for a romantic night in.