Eight Interior Design Ideas

Whether you are planning on putting your house on the market or simply want to improve it for your own benefit, here are eight interior design ideas that may help to increase its value.

1. Focus on the hallway

Your hallway will be the first room people walk into when they enter your home therefore it is essential that it makes a good first impression. Consider re-decorating your hallway using light, neutral colours which will help to increase the appearance of its size. Cleverly placed mirrors can also help to make narrow hallways appear much wider.

2. Create a breakfast bar for your kitchen

Breakfast bars in kitchens are very appealing to buyers and therefore help to increase the value of your home. If you do not have a designated breakfast bar, you could always place tall stools or chairs strategically around one of your worktops to turn it into a self-made version of one.

3. Make use of awkward spaces

If you have a room in your house that has an awkwardly shaped space, such as bay window or empty corner, then why not give it a purpose? You can transform these awkward little spaces into cosy reading areas. Simply put an arm chair in the corner with a console table and lamp, or a curved bench if it is a bay window, and you will have the perfect place where you can sit and enjoy a good book! It is little things like this that show buyers the potential of your house and help to increase its overall value.

4. Accentuate your fireplace

Fireplaces can add significant value to homes, especially if they are original features. Make the most out of your fireplace by cleaning it and dressing it up with a beautiful surround. Decorate the mantel piece with candles and tasteful ornaments to make it the focal point of your living room.

5. Go granite

Granite worktops are still the most desirable choice of kitchen worktops there is, so if you are looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen, this may be something you want to consider. If granite worktops are a little out of your budget, then opt for countertops that are designed to look like granite. There are many laminate versions available which have been designed to replicate the stone finish.

6. Give your junk room a purpose

Many of us are guilty of having one room in our house that becomes a dumping ground. This is the unused room where we simply put all of the items that would simply clutter up the other rooms in our house. Rather than leaving the room like this, why not install storage units to give the room a purpose? We particularly love the units from the Birlea furniture range. You could either turn it into a practical boot room if it is on the ground floor or a study room if it is upstairs. Not only will it improve your homes functionality, but it will be far more attractive for potential buyers to look at than a room full of rubbish!

7. Upgrade your storage

Upgrading the storage facilities in your kitchen and bedroom can add significant value to your home. Add specially designed rods to your fitted wardrobes to make it easier to access your hanging items. You can also install pull-out drawers and shoe racks to make best use of the storage space available. In your kitchen you may want to consider installing a spice or wine rack in your cupboards. Improving the storage in your home will help to maximise its potential and appeal to potential buyers.

8. Concentrate on the small things

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest overall difference. Making small changes to your home interior, such as swapping cabinet hardware or replacing your bathroom taps, can go a long way in giving your home a more modernised look which is extremely appealing to buyers.


When it comes to increasing the value of your home, the changes you make do not have to be expensive. Making little changes here and there can help to transform the look of your home and give it a modern look. The more polished your home looks, the more potential buyers will see in it, especially if they are looking to move into somewhere that requires very little work.