Water Damage Restoration

Flooding can happen for various reasons. It could be because of natural disaster, sewage leaks, broken pipe and leaks from a water bed or the windows and roofs. The water can cause serious damages to the various parts of the house. In order to solve the problem you must find the source of the water and determine the type of water causing the damage in your property.

Knowing the Water Categories

The flood water is categorized into three; clean water, gray water and black water. With this water damage companies will be able to perform the right treatment or water damage restoration procedure that is necessary to solve your water damage problem.

  • Clean Water –There are very few harmful substances in this type of water but they can still cause damages to your property. Flooding with clean water in your property may happen if tub and sinks over flow or when the water supply lines broke and spill clean water. There are less chances of having the presence of chemical causing diseases and bacteria in this situation.
  • Gray Water – The water in this category contains a significant level of contaminants which can cause illness and physical problems. The contaminants maybe biological, physical or chemical and it might contain micro-organisms too. The water damage under this category may come from malfunctioning of washing machine, dischargers from dishwashers, sump pump failure and overflowing toilets with urine presence only.
  • Black Water – This water has a very high level of contaminants and is considered very unsanitary. It contains, fungi, bacteria, chemicals and other harmful chemicals. Flooding with this type of water may come from rivers, lakes, streams, sea water and ground surface water, overflowing toilets with feces, sewage leaks and stagnant waters. Cleaning up the damages caused by this water must be done by a professional because it requires proper protective gear and special equipment to prevent health issues and preserve the structure of the affected area.

If you experience flooding in any of these water categories, it is important to consult a water damage restoration company immediately. They know perfectly well how to properly do the cleaning process, drying and sanitizing to restore the condition of the affected area.

Water Damage Restoration Companies Can Help

There are a lot of water damage restoration companies online. They can provide you with full flood clean up and other services. Find a company that has been doing the business for many years. They are the ones who have a lot of experience in different types of water damage. They have trained and skillful technicians that would be able to assist you with your problem any time of the day.

Hiring a professional to clean up the mess created by water flooding in your property is a cost effective way of restoring back your home. The certified company knows the standard procedure of sanitation and restoration in your area. They can guarantee that the affected area will be completely dry and the potential damage of molds will be minimized to restore the original structure of the property.

Infographic created by Avvio Solar, a solar installation company