Bathroom Remodel

No room can begin to look grimy and in need of an update more quickly than the bathroom. And, if you are concerned about maximizing the value of your home, quality bathrooms are a major sticking point for the average homebuyer. The idea of a remodel is exciting, but can prove to be a challenging task. The margin for error is high; you don’t want to rush into the renovation without some careful thought and planning. Here are some helpful hints for designing a bathroom that is both functional and attractive.

Get Everything Together Before Starting the Remodel

Once you get it in your head that you want to remodel your bathroom, you may be tempted to jump in right away without getting all your ducks in a row first. This can be a mistake on a number of levels, namely a financial one. Get all the materials, such as the vanity and tiles, together before you take a sledgehammer to the space. Make a plan and get all aspects of that plan in place before you lay one finger on that bathroom.

Explore All Your Options

When planning your remodel, your first thought may be to head over to a major home center, and with good reason. They have a lot of the stuff you will need all in one convenient location. But, the selection there is by no means comprehensive, and special orders can take a month or more to arrive. Don’t limit yourself to what you find here. Check out local, independent suppliers for flooring and other needs. The internet can also be your friend. You have a huge selection at your fingertips, and the prices can be much more attractive than what a home center would charge. If you are concerned about buying something without seeing it in person, carefully investigate the return policy to ensure you can get your money back if it does not measure up in person.

Smart Flooring Choices

There is an abundance of flooring options for your bathroom, with some being better choices than others. Picks that are particularly durable and water-resistant include stone, ceramic and marble. If you like the idea of a nice, warm floor, heating coils can warm them right up. Hardwood floors naturally retain warmth, and can be a great choice, provided they are very well-sealed.

Change Up the Typical Shower Set-Up

Consider breaking away from the standard shower requiring a curtain or stall. It creates a whole new bathing experience and feels much less confining. This open-concept shower has been in many bathrooms I have had in hotels and houses in Asia and I love it.

Go for Elegant Fixtures

No matter what type of ‘’theme’’ you are planning for your bathroom redesign, there is always a place for some elegant-looking fixtures that fit into the overall scheme. Consider a pedestal sink instead of the standard vanity. The foot-claw tub is like a sculpture for the bathroom.

Install Recessed Storage Cabinets

Maximizing space is usually an important goal for most bathroom remodels. Take advantage of the space between wall studs, and opt for a recessed storage cabinet. It will give you more vertical storage and free up precious floor space. Cabinets should be at least three inches deep and the door should be flush with the wall.

Careful planning is the key to remodeling success. And, as always, if you don’t think you can do something yourself, call the professionals. Doing the work yourself can surely save you money, but if you are not fully equipped to handle the task, this will probably end up costing you more in the long-run.