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Bachelor cooking

Not really sure how to cook or finding it part to get motivated cooking for one?  No experience necessary!
This fun workshop teaches three dishes: an entree, main and dessert. All meals  will be quick, delicious, inexpensive and sustainably sourced.

Menu Example:

  • Salad dressing and salad
  • Stir fry/Soup
  • Bannans, chocolate and nuts dessert

Objectives of course:

  • Understanding on how to prepare the three dishes
  • Basic cooking terms: chop, mince, sauté, aldente, julianne...
  • Cooking times for individual ingredients
  • What is sustainable and isn't
  • Cooking oils: whats good and whats not
  • Useful Cooking tips
  • Leftover management

This class is offered by a male presenter and includes recipes and shopping tips. All participants get to dine on their creations. Depending on space and class requirements, this class can be offered as a participatory or demonstration class.