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Steplight power meter

$29.00 GST inc.

This energy meter can measure the power consumption of any appliance plugged into a standard power outlet (or string of appliances plugged into a power board). Use it to uncover how much each of your appliances cost to run.


Save Energy, Save Money

Green Renters Top 10 Tips for Saving Energy in the Home

Save energy, Save money workshop!

28/03/2011 18:30
28/03/2011 20:30


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Are you a student?
Worried about your bills?
Do they seem to be high and you don't know what to do?

Energy Saving Workshop

Save energy, Save money!


Consumers are constantly being advised these days to reduce our standby power usage. However it is not always simple to reach behind your appliances and turn the switch off, or even to remember to do so. A recent development intended to solve that problem is the master-slave powerboard. The concept behind these devices is that the main appliances is treated as the master and any devices which depend on this are the slave. For instance, a monitor is useless without a computer so it is considered a slave.

Would it bother you if people saw your energy consumption?


Do you live in the City of Sydney?  Are you keen to make your home more energy-efficient? The University of Sydney has asked for our help to find households to take part in their unique energy conservation research project.

A team at Sydney Uni would like to explore whether people would live more sustainably if their energy consumption were on display. To investigate, they plan to install temporary chalk boards on the front of participating houses, and update the boards regularly with changes in household electricity use.

What does electricity cost?

In our workshops, we talk a little about discovering how much electricity your appliances and devices use, what that might be costing you and how to measure the electricity consumption in your house. Using devices like the Efergy E2, Powermate and a myriad of other devices it is relatively easy these days to ascertain which devices in your home are drawing the most electricity and when.

Smart Meters in Victoria

Whilst the issue of and justifications for Smart Meters and their roll out across Victoria (aiming to be complete by 2013) is not completely an environmental or tenants one, we have been asked enough questions about it over the past few months that we deemed there be enough reason to write a special post about it. I met with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) for a special briefing on Smart Meters, what they are and how they will affect Victorian residents, so here's a round up of salient points in (hopefully) easy to understand language...

How do I dispose of my energy efficient lightbulbs?

Energy efficient light bulbs (otherwise known as compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFL's ) contain a small amount of mercury which is a toxic metal and every product containing mercury should be handled with care.

Recycling is the best way to dispose of used CFLs.

Greening your fridge


Ways to make your fridge energy efficient :

  • Don't keep your fridge too cold. A change of one degree can effect energy consumption by 5%. Freezers should operate at -15°C to -18°C while fresh food compartments should be held at around 3°C to 5°C.
  • Cover food and drink to avoid evaporation in the fridge, which can force the compressor to work harder.
  • Keep your freezer filled. Frozen blocks of food keep freezer temperatures more stable.
  • Don't clutter the fridge top; it can hamper the compressor's proper air circulation.
  • Don't put your refrigerator in direct sunlight or next to an oven or dishwasher.
  • Check the door seals. They should be able to hold a piece of paper in place.
  • Defrost the freezer regularly and avoid frost build-ups of more than a quarter-inch.

5 Easy DIY summer projects you can do today: #3 Window curtains

Curtains have many benefits in keeping out heat and sunlight. Ask around your relatives, most people seem to have a spare pair of the rubber backed insulated curtains stashed in a cupboard somewhere.