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14/04/2011 - 22:28
Insulating hot water pipes is one of the simplest things a renter can do to make your home more energy efficient, especially in winter, where you could potentially reduce your boiler by 2 degrees....
02/11/2010 - 01:30
Consumers are constantly being advised these days to reduce our standby power usage. However it is not always simple to reach behind your appliances and turn the switch off, or even to remember to...
03/03/2010 - 03:32
Ways to make your fridge energy efficient : Don't keep your fridge too cold. A change of one degree can effect energy consumption by 5%. Freezers should operate at -15°C to -18...
15/08/2009 - 01:54
I came across this post on The Green Pages about the 'average' and 'energy efficient' home's average spend on utility bills, it shows quite a marked difference. I know that a lot of us renters wont...