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22/12/2010 - 00:18
carbon footprint, ecoaccountant, energy consumption

Living a sustainable life in today’s hectic world can seem an impossible task. Therefore, being able to monitor one’s own impact has become more important.

To help with this task, EcoAccountant is a website-based tool that can help users connect with other people committing themselves to living more sustainable lives and monitor their personal impact on the environment and find ways to lighten their carbon footprint.

As EcoAccountant’s creator Daniel Pleiter told Green Renters, “We live in a fast paced society that leaves little time to plant a veggie patch yet alone mow the lawns.

“With environmental sustainability relating directly to how we live and what we consume there was no system for people to understand their energy and water habits and a way to understand how their actions make a difference.

EcoAccountant allows users to join as individuals or in groups who can enter the details of their energy consumption and aim to improve them through interaction with a community of people aiming to improve their own sustainability.

At the time of my visit to the website it was still in its infancy. But with the website’s growth it is hoped that a community can be born to help each other to reach their sustainability goals.

As Mr Pleiter said, “Working together just makes it so much easier to get anything done. You may not pay much attention to ads on TV but if your mates have tried something and can recommend a product or service you are more likely to trust that and act.

“Why work in isolation when in your workplace, home, sports club or friends you can learn from each other and make it fun along the way”.

Mr Pleiter believes EcoAccountant is an important tool that could also help people who live in rental properties and on lower incomes. He suggested that green power, plugging home leaks and generally changing energy usage behaviours was an easy way for people in rental properties to be more sustainable.

“We many not all be able to afford solar panels however for a few extra dollars a week we can send a message to the energy providers and say there’s a market in renewable energy. If every Australian did this overnight we would create the investment triggers for a 100% renewable energy industry,” he said.

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