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What watt?

What watt?

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I've become quite fascinated with the recent plethora of ways to measure your energy usage after reading an article in Make magazine about home power monitors, connecting them up to Twitter and a whole host of other computer based ways to monitor and report on your energy use. Firstly, here's a list of some of the options out there :

  • Greenbox Tendril Are companies that will monitor everything for you...
  • The Energy Detective
  • Blue Line Innovations
  • Plogg
  • ZigBee
  • PowerKuff Are a variety of devices used for monitoring the output of your household or individual items.
  • For the more adventurous and us renters who may not always be able to modify meters or our household there are DIY kits for building what are called Tweet-a-watts, one here on Ladyada and a similar project on Make magazine (but you will need an account with Make). I'm not sure how many of these products are available in Australia or import into Australia and would appreciate any guidance on that, but in the meantime I came across one product that is affordable (about $120), suitable to renters and available in Australia!
  • The Efergy E2, available in Australia from Greentopia that simply attaches to your electricity meter by velcro and transmits data to your computer for monitoring. 

We're going to get one and shall report back, in the meantime any other ideas and advice around this topic are greatly appreciated!


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