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How do you compare?

15/08/2009 - 01:54
average, bills, cost, efficiency, energy
I came across this post on The Green Pages about the 'average' and 'energy efficient' home's average spend on utility bills, it shows quite a marked difference. I know that a lot of us renters wont be able to carry out some of the changes to achieve complete 'energy efficiency', but as a comparison, in our (two person) house, resplendent in it's draughty, uninsulated glory, our quarterly bills for Electricity are $120 ($60 per person). We attempt to be as efficient as humanly possible, switching sockets off, not using appliances when we don't need them etc... So, if the average family home spend is $420 for five people ($84 per person), that starts to show the savings we're making with minimal effort, it's still a way to go until the Energy efficient $190 ($38 per person) though, but not bad, all things considered. How about you? What are your bills like? hat do you to do be more efficient?