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Cheap draught proofing in the City of Moreland


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We recently participated in Zero Carbon Moreland's draught proofing initiative for residents of Moreland. We have done a lot of draught proofing ourselves but it's always good to get an 'expert' eye cast over things. There were also I couple of things that we were unable to do without the necessary tools. We live in a single story terrace house which is over 100 years old. I've lived there about seven years and in that time have had no yearly property inspections. Any repairs are done extremely grudingly and only if the landlord considers them essential. Even the real estate agent calls him "a real tight ass".

I made  an appointment for an installer to visit our home. The installer arrived promptly at the appointment time and I pointed out our front door as the area most in need of repair. We've tried blocking the top gap with wood but it makes it hard to open and close in summer when the wood swells. We constantly have a door snake against the bottom of the door otherwise dust and leaves can blow in!

I found the assessor quite tactless about the reality of being a renter. "How can you live like this?" he asked me, looking at the gaps in the front door and the tears on the walls where the wallpaper is coming off the walls due to damp."What, you just put up with it and are happy living like this?'

I had to explain the realities of being a renter and the difficulty in getting repairs done which are not considered non-essential.I might add the place is shabby, but it is neat, reasonably clean and we have worked hard over the years to make it into a warm and welcoming home.

I also had to explain the shortage of rental properties in Moreland and that no, we couldn't just move, and  no, we weren't in a position to go buy a house.

The assessor explained that he owned his own house and had solar panels and I took some time to tell him about Green Renters and gave him some flyers to give other renters, hoping they wouldn't be made to feel like lesser beings for being renters.

The assessor also had a look at the windows which we'd previously sealed with single sided foam tape, but said that there wasn't really much that could be done for sash windows, but that he could put a different type of tape (more like a brush foam) up, explaining that it probably wouldn't last very long. I thought, why not, so he did so on the living room window which was great. It hasn't come off yet, but we haven't opening the living room window since then so fingers crossed!

Overall it was a worthwhile exercise, as the door seals are certainly a big improvement in draught proofing. I just would have preferred someone a little more understanding of the needs of renters and I hope my chat with him makes him more aware of the issues experienced by renters and therefore a little less judgemental of their living situation.

Was it worth $50? The door sealants retail for about $30 so this was great value. However I was asked three times if I wanted another 15 minutes for $12.50 to sell more sash windows (despite him telling me that he couldn't really do much) and since I'd already paid $50, no thanks, I didn't.

How it works:

  1. You need to be a Zero Carbon Moreland participant to receive this offer. You can sign up right now before making your appointment.
  2. Call ecovantage on 9645 7243 to make an appointment for an installer to come to your home. Remember to tell them you are a Zero Carbon Moreland participant.
    If you are a renter Zero Carbon Moreland recommends that you gain consent from the owner or agent of the property before commencement of the draft proofing work.  Ask for a consent form to be emailed to you when you make your booking.
  3. A trained installer will visit your home and identify the key areas that would benefit from draught proofing.  The installer will spend an hour in your home installing draft proofing products so that your home is warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  4. Payment - The service is valued at $100 but is being offered at the discounted rate of $50.  Zero Carbon Moreland will pay for the installer and you will need to pay for the products installed, worth up to $50.  This can be done with cash or credit card immediately after the work has been done.  You may elect to have the installer spend longer in your home and have additional products installed at your cost at the price of $12.50 per 15 minutes for labour time with materials.
  5. In order to see what a difference the draught proofing has made get online and calculate your carbon footprint and re-calculate in a year’s time!  For more information about calculating your carbon footprint click here.