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Eat your way to a stronger community

02/05/2011 - 16:34
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Ever moved into a new neighbourhood and after 6 months realised that you haven't even meet your neighbours? Even in an apartment block where there is only a thin wall separating you from your neighbour, you can go for years without any more than a friendly nod.

Renting often sees a high turn over faces, places and neighbourhoods which means that, despite best efforts, it is sometimes hard to connect with the community. We all know the benefits of a strong community and friendly neighbourhood but often we don't know how to engage or start the conversation.

Well, here's a suggestion, connect with your community and meet locals over some top notch food and a glass of wine. Just before Christmas last year I hosted a potluck dinner at my house which I organised through - a new social network that allows you to plan cool food events, post them online and then invite other food-loving locals to join in. 6 people requested to come along to the dinner and, well I have to say, my potluck dinner brought me good luck. It was a fantastic night with neighbours meeting each other, tasting different foods and flavours and sharing recipes. And the neighbourly spirit continued after the dinner with a guest dropping some home-cooked gingerbread men in my letterbox as a season greeting. We have since had plenty of dinners and, even though we are both renters, enjoy that we are neighbours.

So if you are living in a sharehouse and tired of eating alone or just want to put some fun back into your community, is a creative space for fashioning your own pop-up kitchens, cooking class, supper club or sharing home grown produce. members have already hosted wonton workshops, picnics, pot-luck dinners and restaurant visits. And before you start getting nervous, there’s no pressure to cook if you don’t want to; the emphasis is really on getting together to share food and meet your neighbours.

Eat your way to a stronger community and eat with me, or anyone!