This is a list of ideas we had, but never found time or resources to implement. Feel free to use them!


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Ethical Consumers Group

Cate became a trained Ethical Consumers Group guide, here are some random notes from our first session:

Sources of Funding

Businesses who may wish to advertise

Sponsorship Advice

  • Make yourself attractive… To who you are asking, may not be the same as you or your audience. Think outside the box and more widely. Also for what they can sponsor..
  • Also look into tenders companies are undertaking to see how you can fit in.
  • Sponsorship needs a social media element
  • Housing, real estate. How can their business connect with your activities / community.

Thoughts on handling of donations by Non-Profit Organisations

It seems that many nfp organisations advertise to be taking money for specific programs or campaigns, but really the money all goes into one big pot.

So we feel it might be good for us to be very clear and offer individual channels as well as general donations. Also gives an opppurtunity to filter out what people are really interested and passionate about.

Working with Financial Aid Organisations

We had an idea that we could run workshops with Financial Aid organisations, offering assistance to clients struggling with money on bill reduction.